What’s Fried Sushi?

Fried Sushi is a one panel cartoon which pokes fun at different aspects of Japanese culture.  The jokes are aimed at foreigners who have lived, or who are living in Japan.  If you have not spent much time in Japan, I’m sure most of the jokes will fly over your head like an unwanted glob of natto.  But, if you still wanna check it out, go ahead.

Moving along… I am a big fan of children’s art.  That’s why I really want the look of this cartoon to have that shaky, uneven, rough look to it.  So, I decided to do away with any correct perspectives, rulers, straight edges, or anything like that.   I think there are too many ‘clean’ looking comics out now using  fancy computer techniques and uh… rulers.  There’s nothing wrong with that stuff at all, but I just want this to look as childish as possible.  Besides, Japan can be a very… what’s the word?… robotic? follow the dotted line?…kind of place to live, so I think this sloppy look feels right.

I just want this cartoon to be a silly little, twisted look at Japan.  Some of the jokes are subtle, some ridiculous, some have something to say, and others are meaningless.  Hopefully, most of them are at least a little funny. (I like them all)

I’ve been writing these for years now, and have literally hundreds more bobbing around in my head waiting to be drawn.  Hopefully, I’ll find the time to keep it up.  I should be adding a few more every now and then, so check back here every once and a while.  And please let me know what you think; good or bad.  I love all comments and criticisms.  THANKS!

-Liam Akin